Musical industry, mediations and ideology. For a renewed critical approach to contemporary popular music
Auteur :Jacob T. Matthews
First publication date :January 2006
Sector:Musique enregistrée
Research Theme:Perspectives transversales
Number of pages:553
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Author's summary:

Firmly attached to the field of Information and Communication Science, the aim of this thesis is to contribute to a greater knowledge of music industry at the dawn of the 21st century, whilst considering the opportunity that this research object might offer in view of a renewal of critical approaches in social sciences.

Following an in-depth exploration of the fundamental aspects of Critical Theory, this work draws on a wide spectrum of contemporary historical and socio-economical studies, in order to define the specificities of its research object. This general overlook is completed by an analysis of the communicational processes which give contemporary popular music their specific social existence.

Supported by empirical research principally carried out on the Bordeaux music scene, this perspective apprehends music industry via the mediations that link the multiplicity of its particular uses to the general evolutions of its socio-economical “meta-context”. The analysis of ideological mediations provides insight into a system in which interpersonal communication phenomena play a significant part.

Lastly, offering elements in view of an inventory of current studies covering this field of research in social sciences, the thesis attempts to contribute to a more fundamental theoretical discussion. It therefore tends towards an innovative and operational conceptualisation of music industry, which underlines the assets of a renewed critical approach for the analysis of contemporary evolutions in the field of cultural industries.
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