The notion of client in the design of telecommunication services. Study from the case of France Telecom research and development
Auteur :Christine Defuans
First publication date :June 2006
Sector:Télécoms & offres d'accès Internet
Research Theme:Structures & stratégies financières et industrielles
Number of pages:453
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Author's summary:

The thesis proposes a study of the customer's notion within the framework of the telecommunication services' design process, starting from the case of the "France Telecom" company, analyzed since the beginning of the nineties. Customer's notion crystallizes the connections established between companies and people consuming the services. In the studied period, which is marked by innovation processes centred on markets and usages, the use of client's notion in the speeches and the practices, shows an extended normalization of these connections. The practices of the "customer oriented design process" give place to more and more formal representations of the social individual, built by experts, specialists in marketing and in human and social sciences. These representations gather all the features favourable to an increasing involvement of the individuals, in the services design process, be it from the point of view of either the creativity or the capacity to cooperate with the professional actors of the design process. They so accompany numerous forms of participation of the individuals in the early phases of elaboration of the services. The normalization in question also concerns the professional practices and the individual behaviour of the consumer, and on the underlying models of action and communication as well. By establishing more and more narrow connections with its customers and by investigating more widely the social problematics associated to the use of services, the company confronts at the same time a bigger complexity.
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