Technical processes and mutations of music industry. Listener in everyday life, a dynamics of change
Auteur :Lucien Perticoz
First publication date :December 2009
Sector:Musique enregistrée
Research Theme:Usages & pratiques
Number of pages:379
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Author's summary:

The actors of phonographic industry have been confronted for a decade with a deep questioning of the commercial valorization ways of their contents. A purely quantitative approach is insufficient to understand the complexity of these socio-economic movements; consequently, this research intends to apprehend qualitatively the evolution of the recorded music listening practice. We question the moment of the reception without forgetting that of the production and we connect the micro-social plan of cultural practices with that macroeconomic of the industrial strategies in order to show up how they are both connected in a reciprocal movement of structuring.

The ways of insertion of the music in the everyday life of the listeners are more particularly questioned, with an aim of emphasizing the diversity and the diversification of their uses of the music as well as the various levels of listening and symbolic involvement they put within the framework of this cultural practice. Internet and the digitalization of the contents act like catalysts of changes in progress, facilitate the access to a form of musical “opulence” which becomes the everyday life of the listeners and take part consequently of their construction as individuals. It is thus a question of better understanding how the uses of subjects, while supporting the evolution of the recorded music listening practice, take part of a mutation of the phonographic industry as a whole, as well as a dynamic of an ideological renewal of capitalism.

Keywords: music, listeners, recorded music listening practice, uses of communication and information technologies, individualization, process of contents digitalization, culture, information and communication industries, musical industry mutations, commercial valorization strategies, socio-economic models, capitalism.
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